Botox is the brand name of botulinum toxin which works by relaxing the facial muscles.  Over time, facial muscle contraction creates permanent wrinkles in the skin.  By the meticulous placement of small amounts of Botox into the appropriate muscles of the face, these muscles begin to relax in just days, resulting in smoother looking skin without the loss of normal facial expression. 

Botox has also been FDA approved and used for many years for the treatment of migraines, TMJ pain, and other neuromuscular pain of the head and neck.

Botox is considered a safe and “clean” drug meaning there is little potential for adverse effect or allergic reaction.  The effects from Botox typically last from a few months to 6 months.  Individuals with high metabolism or who are extremely active will always have their Botox wear off faster.

  • Gummy SmileMany people with beautiful teeth hide their smiles due to the show of excess gum tissue.  Micro doses of Botox can eliminate this problem without affecting the smile.  This treatment is painless, takes seconds, costs less than $100 and lasts for about 4 months.

  •   The Angry 11’s: These are the “angry lines” or furrows that develop between the eyebrows at an early age. When treating this area with Botox in conjunction with PDO threads, the result is a much happier and youthful appearance.

  • Crow’s Feet: The squint lines at the corners of the eyes.


  • Forehead: Careful micro dosing of this area creates a smooth forehead while still allowing for natural facial expression.

  • Frown lines: Also known as Marionette Lines.  These lines create a scowl and form the front edge of the jowl.

  • Platysma Bands: These prominent bands run from the collar bone to the edge of the lower jaw. More commonly seen in women, they are a hallmark of aging and are easily treated with excellent results.

  • Headache and TMJ: Botox is extremely effective in treating a variety of headache types as well as the muscle pain associated with TMJ.  Botox has been FDA approved for migraine treatment.  Relief begins within days and typically lasts for 6 months.

  • Facial ContouringA square, prominent jaw line is often the result of strong jaw muscles. For those seeking a more subtle heart shaped face, Botox is an effective means to create this look.





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