Kybella (Deoxycholic Acid)

Kybella is the brand name of deoxycholic acid, which is one of the primary bile acids in our digestive tracts.  It is a natural “fat killer”.  When injected in micro doses into the jowls and fat under the chin, it permanently eliminates fat.  In the past, Kybella treatment has been very expensive and painful.  Our newest treatment protocol produces rapid, predictable results with little or no pain or bruising.  In addition, it costs much less than treatment cost in the past. If you have had Kybella treatment or have heard horror stories about the pain, then you should consult with us about our new treatment protocol. 

Deoxycholic acid fat eliminator when done in conjunction with PDO threads can profoundly tighten submental skin and recreate a beautiful chin and jawline. 



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